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A new miniature golf course at Lighthouse Plaza in Manila has been in the works for many months, and now it’s complete. Everyone involved says they’re proud to bring some much-needed recreation and new life to the coastal community.

Lighthouse Plaza Owner Dean Smither says, “I’m happy and I’m happy to see that the consumers are happy, because that tells me we did a good job.”

The 18-hole nautical themed course has a polished landscape embellished with things like a giant wood carved Paul Bunyan sporting traditional lumberjack apparel and toting a golf club.

In this video report LoCO explores the course, talks with the masterminds behind the project and finds out how it all came together.

“The ideas on paper, the plans, the measurements, the numbers, seeing where it’s going to be built — putting all that together and finally getting the finished product is something that takes creativity from more than one person,” said consultant Westin Dillon. “It takes teamwork.”