Studies show that Humboldt County residents often eat and enjoy food. (Nomboldt?) In response to this trend you may have noticed that your Lost Coast Outpost has soft launched a new hunger-inducing feature on our homepage while we tweaked with the recipe a bit. Well, after playing with our food for awhile we are now we’re ready to share it with the rest of you.

Introducing… LoCO, What’s Cooking?

What? you ask? Let us explain.  

For those of you with mouths: What could you be eating in Humboldt right now? LoCO, What’s Cooking? is designed to answer that question and hopes to be an online collective visual menu showcasing tantalizing daily meal specials offered by our hardworking local restaurants. It’s right there on the homepage for ya. Essentially, if you’re wondering what the chefs in close proximity to your stomach are fixin’ up today, well, scroll down to LoCO, What’s Cooking? 

For those of you in the restaurant game: Show Humboldt your food! What we here at LoCO Labs have coded up is a free resource that allows you to display your deliciousness in front of Humboldt’s largest online audience. (Note the use of the word “free” in that last sentence.) All you have to do is take a picture of your food and upload it to LoCO. Currently LoCO, What’s Cooking? features Lunch and Dinner specials — each local restaurant is allowed to upload one of each, again, for free. Along with your image you’ll be asked to provide a title, a price and a brief description. After that, it’s just a matter of if people on the Internet are hungry or not. (They are.) 

LoCO, What’s Cooking? as it appears on the LoCO homepage on desktop (left) and mobile (right)

How does a restaurant take advantage of LoCO, What’s Cooking? Email your Lost Coast Communications ad rep — who you likely already know and love! — and they will set you up with a login. Then all you have to do is work on your food photography skills

Additional perks: If a restaurant is feeling ambitious and has a week’s worth of specials visually in order, LoCO, What’s Cooking? allows you to upload your meals in advance. Also, each uploaded meal is easily shareable to Facebook. See an example below. 

Again, tens of thousands of Humboldters are already scrolling around on the Lost Coast Outpost everyday. Why not tempt them with your culinary artistry?

OK, Humboldt! You’re all skin and bones! Eat something, wouldya? HERE.