Lost Coast Outpost video correspondent Sierra Jenkins goes straight to the source to get you the news before it happens. Photo: Andrew Goff.

Today the Lost Coast Outpost is thrilled to launch the internet’s newest feature: Sierra Jenkins, our newest staff member and only video correspondent.

Welcome, Sierra! 

What is she going to be doing around here? How will she contribute to the LoCO experience? Well, we will be figuring out the fine points and specifics as we go along, but broadly speaking Jenkins will be tasked with producing video for the Outpost and its readers — a skill that none of the rest of us dummies even remotely possess.

A little bit more specifically: We envision Jenkins making regular short movies about Humboldt County society and the lives of its citizens. We want to make the sort of things you might drop into a time capsule to show people 75 years from now: This is what it was like in this strange, specific place, at this unusual point in its history. Hopefully the Outpost — and the internet, generally — will provide her with a broader canvas to do the work she was born to do. 

Most of Humboldt knows Jenkins through her work over the last two years as a KIEM News Channel 3 reporter and assignment editor. She covered all sorts of stories while at KIEM — murder trials, the Palco Marsh evictions, civic matters large and small — but some of her favorite stories were those in which she delved deep on a particular matter. She produced several two-part features at KIEM — “Growing Green,” a look at Arcata’s Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone; “Pawn Shops: The Real Deal,” a peek inside Eureka’s secondhand pawn emporiums; and more.

Jenkins is a graduate of the University of Texas-Arlington, where she majored in broadcast journalism. She lives in Eureka with her boyfriend, a Humboldt County native. I will say, personally, that she has an extremely keen and inquisitive mind. She seems restlessly curious about everyone and everything. She walked in here with a list of about 30 little movies she wanted to make — jotted down in a notepad the night before, if I understand it right. About half of her pitches were really, really good, and the other half were jaw-droppingly amazing.

Sierra Jenkins, everyone! 

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