Last night, Rita’s Mexican Grill on Fifth Street overcame the inexperience of its rookie wait staff to somehow become the center of Eureka’s midweek social universe. Numerous Eureka Police Department and City of Eureka officials schmoozed and served during the EPD at Your Service event, a fundraiser for the Eureka Block Party scheduled to spread mirth at Sequoia Park on Sept. 24.

Your Lost Coast Outpost endured the crowds, scarfed some grilled fish tacos and photo-documented the chaos. 

EPD Captain Brian Stephens gauges a young diner’s satisfaction

“I want a burrito THIS BIG.”

Got some cash? Tip master general Supervisor Virginia Bass has a jar for that

Councilmember Melinda Ciarabellini would like you to attend a block party, please

EPD greeters Terry Liles and Shawn Sopoaga

Facebook comment threads are safe once again

Unaware of the evening’s event, Christina Perkins went to Rita’s to celebrate her birthday and ended up receiving quite the Chief Andy Mills-led group serenade

# # #

Sadly, we end this fluffy post with some graphic photos of when waiting goes bad. At some point in the evening, EPD’s least experienced water pourer, Captain Steve Watson, interrupted LoCO columnist Matthew Owen’s lovely fiesta with Hezekiah Allen to attempt a high-risk aerial glass top off. What ensued was an unnecessary use of aqua force that we feel it is important for the public to see. Thankfully, it was only Matt’s wallet that got wet. This could have been much worse.