Sofia Pereira, Arcata mayor; Brett Watson, Arcata vice mayor

From the City of Arcata: 


The Arcata City Council elected Sofia Pereira mayor and Brett Watson vice mayor at a special 8:00 am meeting today.

The City’s Municipal Code requires that the Council select the mayor and vice mayor at a special meeting held each December. Both mayor and vice mayor serve for one year. The mayor presides at Council meetings, represents the Council at community events and performs other ministerial duties. The vice mayor presides in the mayor’s absence.


“It was a challenging year, but it is always an honor to serve as Mayor of Arcata,” says outgoing Mayor Susan Ornelas. “Thank you to the community for the opportunity, as I continue to serve as a councilmember.”

“I’m honored that my colleagues on the council have entrusted me with this responsibility,” says newly elected Mayor Sofia Pereira. “I am excited to continue working with our community partners on issues surrounding the Plaza, housing, public safety and ensuring this is a livable community for all our residents. I am looking forward to supporting the city’s goals while at the same time being responsive to the needs of our community. We live in a great and engaged community—I’m proud to step up and serve in this role.”

Mayor Pereira will preside over her first regular Arcata City Council meeting on Wednesday, December 20.