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Eureka has an array of the arts throughout the city, and the belief is that this is essential for quality of life and the economy. But there’s a general consensus that the arts need to be revamped and nurtured.

“It’s actually a pretty robust part of our economy. It turns out that the arts is as large of a contributor to our economy as the fishing industry is. So it’s important for us to see what we can do to promote them,” said Community Development Services Director, Rob Holmlund. “And arts and culture also has the added benefit to beautify the city, improve the aesthetics, and make it a more fun place to live.”

So with efforts of city staff, Eureka’s Arts & Culture Commission, community stakeholders, and feedback from a public meeting and online surveys, the Strategic Arts Plan was born. The plan includes 35 projects to help activate the city’s environment, connect diverse groups, discourage blight, encourage tourism and generate revenue.

The plan was brought before council on Tuesday night and received gracious remarks and a unanimous approval.

“It supports what’s already happening in Eureka,” said Councilmember Natalie Arroyo. “We have so many artists in Humboldt and Eureka in particular and we have a lot of organizations to partner with. So it really plays on our community strengths.”

In this LoCO Video Report we learn about some of the new projects, including the Phantom Art Gallery, the F Street Corridor, the Second Street Pedestrian Plaza, and the highly anticipated Opera Alley revamp, along with current projects that need to be upgraded, like wayfinding banners and signage.

“This is a way for us to have our identity presented in a strong statement that can be experienced,” said Susan Bloch-Welliver, Vice Chair for the Eureka Arts and Culture Commission. “So that people want to live, work and visit our town.”