From the North Coast Regional Department of Child Support Services:

This Father’s Day, the state and local Child Support Services agencies commend fathers who set a good example and support the well-being and stability of their children. Fatherhood involvement benefits not just the children or the parent, but society as a whole.

“Our history and research shows that children with involved fathers thrive and do better in school and relationships,” said Alisha Griffin, Director of the California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). “The Department of Child Support Services encourages fathers to participate in their children’s lives and to support their future.”

Being a father is a wonderful privilege with tremendous rewards and challenges. DCSS offers many services to help be a partner through the journey of fatherhood.

To help children take advantage of the benefits of having a father, the Paternity Opportunity Program (POP) helps dads obtain a Declaration of Paternity, which defines their rights and responsibilities concerning their children. For more information on POP, visit the DCSS website:

Making a support payment has never been easier. Now payments can be accepted online, over the phone, at MoneyGram and Pay Near Me locations, and most recently at automated kiosks located in county child support offices, some courthouses and other county buildings. To locate the nearest kiosk or payment location, call 866-901-3212.

“Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in our community. Supporting our kids financially is only part of that responsibility,” said Lisa Dugan, Director of the North Coast Regional Department of Child Support Services. “We are working to make the financial part of co-parenting from separate households easier with on-line services, multiple ways to pay, and financial record-keeping, and helping families work through their support issues without the contentiousness of going to court, so that parents can pay attention where it matters most, with the kids.”

DCSS also offers services to fathers who have either a private court order or informal child support arrangement. In these cases, DCSS tracks and records payments, offers free- to low-cost legal guidance, provides free court filings and helps process modifications to existing orders. To find out how your local child support office can help you, find contact information here:

DCSS seeks to assist fathers navigate the child support system, knowing it can be a complicated process, but supporting your children can create irreplaceable relationships – your support will shape their future! 

Happy Father’s Day.