PREVIOUSLY: ATT’N, WESTSIDE SANGUINE SOCIETY! Natali Has Wanted an ‘I Like Eureka’ Sticker For Over Two Years, and She’s Moving Away in a Week

Score! The anonymous Eureka boosters of the Westside Sanguine Society delivered big in response to our reader’s recent sticker request. Today LoCO received a healthy stock of “I like Eureka” stickers, way more than we could ever need. As such, we walked our surplus over to The Works should you want to stop in there and mooch one (while supplies last).  

Also it would seem as though WSS are expanding their product line. Behold!

“I like Eureka” condoms! Sure!

Is the implied message here that if you like Eureka perhaps you should consider not breeding within its city limits? Too late! Implied! 

(Note to freebie seekers: We only got five “I like Eureka” condoms. We are keeping those.) 

# # #

UPDATE, 4:45 p.m.: Natali likes Eureka, officially: