The Humboldt Animal Rescue Team is currently up to its whiskers in cats, and the shelter is asking for potential adoptees to help free up space during this cat-astrophe.

The shelter is at max capacity for adult cats and will need some adoptions before more homeless kitties can be taken in. HART is located at 8 West 6th St. in Eureka, and is only open by appointment. Email to set up a date.

Don’t purr-crastinate, Humboldt. Act meow.

Photos and descriptions below provided by HART.

Baby is a female medium long hair dark gray with white muzzle and feet. 9-10 months old a little shy and very new to the rescue. Sister of Misee.
Misee (pronounced meezee) is a female medium long hair Siamese. 9-10 months old a little shy and very new to the rescue. Sister of Baby.
Midnight is a young adult all black female. A cat of all cats. Shes already proven to need queen like accommodations in only wanting the best canned wet food we can find. She’s a true beauty!
Ocean is a sweet little Russian blue female around 5-6 months old. Courtney, our volunteer coordinator is particularly fond of Oceans quiet and soft demeanor.
Sugar Puff is an 8 year old female tabby with a white muzzle and white legs. Extremely sweet but so depressed, her elderly owner could no longer care for her, poor sugar Puff misses having a person/family. She loves to be pet, but is so sad here. She would love a quiet lap to curl up on.

Marmaduke is a large adult male Russian blue, he is friendly towards people but sad to be in the rescue. He’s a super sweet and handsome fellow. He’s neutered and ready for a forever home. Would likely make a great indoor/outdoor cat after a suitable adjustment period inside his adoptable home. He likes a good petting too.

Tank Tank. Young Female less than a year. Very easy going and sweet. Came from a home with multiple cats and does well with others. Soft and beautiful fur coat. She’s gorgeous and sweet. Can’t get much better!

Tuxie is female tuxedo around 5-6 months old. She’s cute and petite and sweet.

Emerald, female , 5-6 months old . She’s cute and petite and sweet.

Misty, beautiful 6 month old Maine coon mix , grey and brown tabby and white markings. She’s friendly too, very sweet.
Jade, female tuxedo black and white, 5-6 months old. Cute, petite and sweet!