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Well, here’s a new one. Can you help identify a chickenapper, Humboldt? 

At 6:55 a.m. Thursday morning, a dreadlocked man entered a chicken coop located in the front yard of a home in Arcata and snagged a fowl who goes by the name Naps. Video of the crime, viewable above, was captured by a security camera.

According to Drew Hyland, the bird’s owner, this is the second bird that he’s lost. He installed the camera in the coop after another bird, Rockie, went mysteriously missing a few weeks ago. While he can’t be sure that the same person took both birds, he’s reasonably suspicious. 

The flock in happier times

“It’s really upsetting,” Hyland said. He has filed a report with the Arcata Police Department. 

Drew’s partner Angie Lottes also took to social media to express her dismay over the loss of her feathered companions.

“Please bring back our chicken,” Lottes wrote. “We raised this bird from a chick and love her deeply. She is the adventurous sister to Laps and Mellow and they will be upset without her. Flocks need to have at least three birds and now we have only two. If you took Rockie and then learned that she isn’t laying and came back for another, please bring her back too.” 

#BringBackBirds. If the individual in the images in this post seems familiar to you or if you have any information about this incident, please contact the Arcata Police Department at 707-822-2428.