The California Bureau of Land Management posted this trail camera footage to Facebook yesterday showing the variety of wildlife that inhabits the Headwaters Forest Reserve a few miles southeast of Humboldt Bay.

“Happy #WildlifeWednesday from these critters caught on camera at the Headwaters Forest Reserve,” the Facebook post reads. “Did you know? More than 3,000 species of wildlife call Bureau of Land Management-managed public lands home — that’s a backyard of more than 245 million acres in 23 states, dispersed over ecologically-diverse and essential habitat.”

The Facebook footage was compiled from a single trailcam by BLM Wildlife Biologist David Anthon between Nov. 18, 2016 and Jan. 7, 2017.

We’re no nature experts here at LoCO, but the minute-and-a-half long clip appears to feature brown **COLORED** bears, black bears, mountain lions and a bobcat sniffing around for some tasty morsels — as well as a few unfortunate deer and raccoons trying avoid those hungry snouts.

Check out the BLM video above for a look at some of the rarely-seen wildlife that also calls Humboldt County home. And don’t forget to watch the video below of that one time the CBS series “Criminal Minds” decided the Headwaters Forest Reserve was a good place to dump a body.