If you are one of those folks that checks LoCO’s Outages page several times a day (and who isn’t?!) you may have noticed that power has been out from Hoopa to Orleans for a good chunk of the day. 


We got an answer as to why that was from PG&E’s Deanna Contreras. Over the weekend, she tells us, a landslide along Highway 96 took out a tree which damaged a 12kv power line. The line spanned across the Trinity River. Not good. 

So! Today PG&E’s emergency crews “de-energized” approximately 900 customers so that a helicopter could realign the wires over the river. According to Contreras, as of this posting, all power should be restored. 

“It’s an important reminder that if you see a low hanging or downed power line, stay away, assume it’s energized and extremely dangerous and call 911,” Contreras writes. “And then call PG&E.”

And now you know!