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May 2024

A PG&E Chopper is Gonna be Buzzing SoHum Tomorrow Through Sunday; It Will Not Violate Your Constitutional Rights, Utility Vows

March 2023

BUZZIN’ THE 36: Swains Flat Will be Choppered By PG&E Today, as the Utility Surveys Storm Damage

April 2022

LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! It’s a PG&E Chopper Flying the Natural Gas Transmission Lines Between Eureka and Rio Dell to Check Them For Leaks Next Week

January 2022

Once Again, A Flotilla of Military Helichoppers Has Shocked and Awed the County

July 2020

(PHOTOS) Comet ‘Neowise’ Seen Over Humboldt County; Here’s How to Catch It Before It Disappears for Another 6,800 Years

October 2018

(VIDEO) Did You See It?! SpaceX Rocket Launch Visible From Humboldt County

February 2018

(VIDEO) Local TV News Station Captures What Appears to Be a Meteor Flying Over Trinidad In Broad Daylight

January 2018

(PHOTOS) Humboldt Captures This Morning’s ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’

Humboldt Gets to (Maybe) See a ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ Early, Early Tomorrow Morning

Fear Not Those Helicopters, Humboldt!

December 2017

(PHOTO/VIDEO) PG&E Will Fly a Tree-Trimming ‘Heli-Saw’ Over Humboldt Tomorrow

March 2017

Here is Why the Power Was Out in EastHum Today

February 2017

PG&E Will Be Buzzing Humboldt’s Urban Areas Today, Looking For Gas Leaks

January 2017

Don’t Freak About Those Low-Flying Helicopters. It’s Only PG&E.

November 2016

PG&E Assures You That Those Helicopters Flying Around This Week Are Not Jade Helm

October 2016

The Skies Above McKinleyville are Filled With Unusual Aircraft

PG&E To Fly Humboldt Bay, Eel River Valley Gas Lines Today; Remember, Call 811 Before You Dig!

September 2016

That Helicopter Terrorizing Orick, Big Lagoon, Trinidad Today? Here’s What That Was.

If You Happen to See a Chinook Helicopter Carrying Whole Trees Over Humboldt This Week…

PG&E Will Be Flying a Squadron of Big Helicopters Around the East County This Month

July 2016

Look Up: The Goodyear Blimp Gives Us One More Flyby on Its Way Home

(VIDEO) But Why are There Military-Lookin’ Helicopters Flying Over Humboldt Today?

June 2016

There It Is!: Humboldt’s Goodyear Blimp Watch 2016

Why Would a Black Helicopter Be Flying Near Power Lines in Arcata?

May 2016

HELICOPTA! PG&E Buzzing the Humboldt Bay Area, Flying the Lines

April 2016

‘Helicopter! But Why?’ Asks Humboldt

(PHOTO) Who or What Was Spinning Sky Donuts Above Humboldt This Morning?

Copter Copter Copter! There’s a Benign Helicopter Flying Around Highway 36!

March 2016

Here’s Why That Weird Military Plane Will be Flying Patterns Around McKinleyville Soon

Tuesday Humboldt Helicopter Report: Look! A Chinook!

Hello, Kettenpom! PG&E Would Be Grateful If You Could Refrain From Shooting Down Its Helicopter Tomorrow

February 2016

MONDAY SKY WATCH: Before You Ask Us, ‘Why the Helicopters…?’

January 2016

Yes! Those WERE Military Helicopters Hovering Over Your Home!

June 2015

(UPDATED, They’re Back) Apache Helicopters in Humboldt Skies are Nothing to Freak Out About

March 2015

Here’s Why a CHP Helicopter Was Circling North Arcata Tonight

December 2014

Yes, There Will Be Helicopters in Humboldt’s Skies This Week

November 2014

PG&E Chopper Crew Active Around Carlotta, Battening Down the Electrical Mainline for Winter

September 2014

Helicopter and Law Enforcement in Benbow

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