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More revitalizing transformations are underway at Redwood Acres in Eureka. 

    First glance inside the fairgrounds former arts and crafts building is quite a surprise. It’s gone from a big open space with burlap walls to a sophisticated operation called the “Ryan Creek Root Cellar,” owned by Sonny Simonian. The business is focused on cured meats and the space accommodates manufacturing, retail and an upscale tasting room coined “The Board Room.”  

    “It goes along with the logging that was in the area, the boards which meat and cheese are served on are charcuterie boards, and all of the bars and framing are made from local redwood and pine boards,” said Simonian. “So it’s got three or four different meanings if you put them all together.”

    Simonian is also a history buff and has been involved with the Clarke Museum for more than a decade. So he’ll be incorporating a few Humboldt history exhibits to the space as well.

    In this LoCO Video Report Simonian walks us through the facility; including the production area, the fermentation chamber and the dry curing room. Plus we hear more from Redwood Acres executive director Cindy Bedingfield about the possibility of new structures being built to meet the demand of prospective businesses.