Snow and/or hail accumulated on Clam Beach yesterday. Photo: Eva York.

More snow will fall all around the region, bringing, no doubt. additional roadway chaos with it.

Good news/bad news: Higher temperatures mean that whatever flurries fall will melt quickly, here near the coast.

More good news/bad news: The snow line will rise up to 3,000 feet or so, but the areas above that — especially in Humboldt and Del Norte — will see thicker snow levels when they wake up tomorrow morning.

Winter weather statement from the National Weather Service:


Waves of showers will continue to move through the area during the day today, with additional snow accumulations expected at low elevations and pass levels. Snow levels will gradually rise this afternoon, likely reaching near 3000 feet by this evening. Snow showers will diminish in coverage and intensity this evening.

Northern Humboldt Coast


While bursts of light snow will continue to be possible to as low as 400 feet through the early morning, temperatures are such that most of this snow will melt quickly. Thus, the winter weather advisory for coastal areas of Humboldt County below 1000 feet will be allowed to expire. Motorists should continue to drive with caution, as occasional light snow and small hail may briefly create slippery roads. Inland areas will likely see additional accumulations through the day.

Del Norte Interior-Southwestern Humboldt- Northern Humboldt Interior-Southern Humboldt Interior- Northern Trinity-Southern Trinity-Northwestern Mendocino Interior- Northeastern Mendocino Interior

Additional snow accumulations from 1 to 2 inches between 500 and 1500 feet…3 to 7 inches between 1500 and 5000 feet…and 7 to 12 inches above 5000 feet.

LOCATIONS IMPACTED … Hayfork … Ruth … Gasquet … Leggett …   Laytonville … Willits … Covelo … Willow Creek … Orleans …   Petrolia … Honeydew … Ettersberg … Weaverville … Burnt Ranch … Trinity Center … Garberville … Bridgeville. Highest totals expected in the high elevations of Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

HIGHWAYS IMPACTED…Hwy 3…Hwy 199…Hwy 101…Hwy 162…Hwy 299…HWY 96…HWY 3…HWY 36.

Highway 101 between Klamath and Orick yesterday. Photo: Ramos Natay.

‘At 3,000 feet looking east in SoHum.’ Photo: Brendan Keith-Hardy.