How 'Bout That Weather

(PHOTOS) Rare Wave-Like Clouds Crest Over Humboldt

(PHOTOS) Wispy Water Tornadoes Touch Down Off Humboldt County’s Coast

Headed East Tonight? ‘Cuz It’s Snowing at Berry Summit

Gnarly 24-Foot Waves Will Thump Humboldt’s Coastline Tomorrow; High-Surf Advisory in Effect

Sun? Just Kidding! ‘Heavy Rains’ Returning to Humboldt Later This Week

It’s Gonna Be a-Windy Tonight

Humboldt’s Tuesday Could Get a Bit Thundery

Humboldt Will Have a Case of the Drizzles for the Next Week or So, Spring Season Starts Monday

Another El Niño Next Year? Odds Are Better Than 50-50, Federal Forecasters Say

Sheriff’s Office Uses GPS to Locate, Rescue Three People Stuck in the Snow Near Willow Creek (UPDATE: Also Two Guys in the Woods Near McKinleyville!)

MORE SNOW TODAY! National Weather Service Expects Flurries Down to 400 Feet, With More White Stuff Piling Up Inland

Snow, Hail and Rain Will Continue to Pummel Humboldt for the Rest of the Day

(UPDATING) Snowy, Icy Roads are Causing Traffic Accidents All Around Humboldt This Morning

Rain, Thunder and Hail Scheduled for Sunday Funday

MORE SNOW COMING! Snow Could Stick Down to 2,000 Feet This Weekend; Most Local Highways Will Be Impacted

Yeah, It’s Supposed to Rain All Weekend

Humboldt’s Feb-brr-ary Continues: Snow at Lower-Than-Usual Elevations Through Tuesday

Humboldt Shares Its Snow Day Photos

Heavy Rain and Lots of Snow is Set to Unload All Over Humboldt Tomorrow

Wealthy People Own All the Snow In Kneeland and You Do Not, Sheriff’s Office Reminds the Public Once Again

How Would You Feel About Some Tuesday Thunderstorms, Humboldt?

(UPDATE) Subtropical Moisture Will Soon Dump Inches of Rain on Humboldt, Flood Watch in Effect Until Tuesday

Humboldt Will Get a Taste of San Francisco’s Deep Cyclone Tomorrow

Humboldt’s Gonna Get Just a Li’l Bit o’ Rain to Start This Week

(VIDEO) Breach in the Big ‘Goon!

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Hillside Eats Redway Business

(UPDATE) Highway 36 is Having Problems Today

BATTEN DOWN: Flood Warnings Issued For Klamath, Eel, Van Duzen Rivers

Rain, Rain, Rain! Downed Tree Closes Kneeland School, and More Wet Weather is Coming

Weather Chaos! Highway 101 Slides, Power Out Around the County, More Rain Coming

Gusty Winds, Rain Headed for Humboldt Tonight as a Series of Storms Nears Northwest California

Incoming Storms Will Hit Humboldt With Waves of Moisture for the Next Week

Humboldt’s Friday Afternoon Roads Report

Did You Miss the Rain, Humboldt? Good News For You, Then

Windy Enough For Ya? Here are Last Night’s Peak Wind Totals

(UPDATE ) U.S. Coast Guard Shuts Down Humboldt Bay, Crescent City, and Noyo Harbors Due to Extreme Seas

(PHOTOS) Catch a Falling Star

Three Back-to-Back Storms Set to Buffet Humboldt County, National Weather Service Says

Humboldt Rains Part Deux: The Refloodening

(PHOTOS) Countywide Aerial Views of a Very Flooded Humboldt

CAO: Highway 36, Fernbridge May Close Due to Flooding

(PHOTOS) ‘Tis King Salmon Tubin’ Weather!

TUESDAY STORM INFORM: Several Inches of Rain Expected Today; National Weather Service Issues Multitude of Watches, Warnings and Advisories for the Region

(PHOTOS) Ferndale is Looking Rather Flooded This Morning; Another Storm Approacheth

(UPDATING) FLOOD WATCH: Humboldt is Getting Dumped On; Road Closure Info

(UPDATING) Downed Tree Cuts Power to 400 in Shelter Cove

Rainfall Predictions Hold Steady for Weeklong Doubleheader Drenching

An Atmospheric River Will Dump 5 to 11 Inches of Rain on Humboldt County Between Tonight and Tuesday

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Remembers Another Place You Can’t Play in the Snow

This Morning’s Icy Temperatures Were One Degree Shy of Matching a Record Low Set Back in 1890, More Rain Comin’