How 'Bout That Weather

Rainy Weather Ahead: Showers Forecast Tonight Through Monday

Thunder and Lightning Possible Throughout Northern California Today

Lazy Tree Shuts Down One Lane of 4th Street in Eureka

Heavy Rains, Strong Winds, Thunderstorms — Hell, Maybe Even a Tornado: A Nasty Storm is About to Unleash Its Fury Upon Humboldt

Free Pre-Filled Sandbags Available for Arcata Residents

STORM WAVES! Mariners, Beachgoers Must Watch Out For Huge Waves, Winds This Weekend, Coast Guard Says

Rainfall Totals! See How Much Rain Fell Around the County While We Wait for the Next Storm

Let’s Say You Live in Eureka and Need Sandbags…

Humboldt Has a Rainy, Windy Week Ahead!

HALLELUJAH! Get Ready to Get Rained On, For This Weekend Will Be Wet

Warm Weekend Weather Along the Humboldt Coast, Scorching Temperatures for the Inland Areas

Chance of Dry Thunderstorms in Eastern Humboldt Today, Later This Week

Eureka Breaks 52-Year-Old Rainfall Record

Dry Thunderstorms Headed for Humboldt’s Inland Communities

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Issued for Willow Creek, Salyer Areas

(UPDATE) Another Record-Breaking April Day for the Humboldt Coast

Winter is Not Done With You Yet, Humboldt County! Rain and Wind and So Much More Coming Tonight, Tomorrow

Thunderstorm Delivers Early-Morning Light Show in Willow Creek

UPDATE: Congratulations, Eureka! Today is the Hottest April 6th on Record

Abalone Season is Upon Us! But Watch Out For Those Sneaker Waves, You Crazed Abbers

Frost Advisory: Temperatures Expected to Drop Into the 30s and 40s Tonight

You’ve Not Seen the Last of Today’s Rain! Thunder! Wind! Pea-Sized Hail!

(UPDATE, PHOTOS) Timbah! Humboldt WIND-ter Claims Giant Tree; Newton B. Drury Parkway Could Be Closed for a Week

Told You! WIND-ter Claims Tree, Closes Down Eureka Street

WIND-ter is Coming! Up to 60 Mile-Per-Hour Gusts Coming This Afternoon, Evening

Strong Southerly Gusts to Hit the Humboldt Coast This Afternoon

RAIN! SNOW! WIND! We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Winter

Monday’s Heat Broke Records on the North Coast

(VIDEO) This is What a Sneaker Wave Looks Like

(VIDEO) Caltrans News Flash: Preparing for El NiƱo Storms

(VIDEO) Sigh, People Just Have to See Big Jetty Waves Up Close, Don’t They?

Eel, Mad Rivers Bust Banks After Weekend Downpour; More Rain Coming This Week

Eel River at Fernbridge will Reach Flood Stage Tonight, Sheriff’s Office Says

(UPDATED) Roads Closed, Flood Warnings Issued as Rain Continues to Pummel North Coast

It’s Wet Out There; Here’s Where to Find Sandbags

Lightning, Hail Shifts to the North; Heavy Rain and Strong Winds Coming Sunday

It’s a High Surf Weekend, Humboldt

It’s Really Windy in Humboldt Today

Sneaker Wave Warning in Effect! Plus: Wind, Weather and … Warmness?

Sheriff’s Office Tries One More Time to Stop People Going to Kneeland for the Snow

WHITE CHRISTMAS: Christmas Eve Eve Will Bring Inches of Snow Down to 2,000 Feet, National Weather Service Predicts

FLOOD ADVISORY: Tons and Tons of Rain Will Fall; Expect Some of It to Clog the Pipes

Smith River Just About All Full Up as Rain Expected to Dump All Week

SNOW! State Nears Normal as White Powdery Stuff Blankets Humboldt Hills and Roads

Excuse Me, My Shed Is On Your House; It Was Stormy Last Night

Here is Video of the Ocean Creeping all the Way to the Road at Centerville Beach (VIDEO)

Here is a Current Tweeted List of Humboldt County Road Closures

Fleeing Humboldt This Weekend? Whoa! Know of Snow Before You Go, Yo!

(VIDEO) Let Humboldt’s Giant Winter Waves Hypnotize You (But Don’t Be Like the Knuckleheads!)

Heavy Rains Bring Flooding, High Waters to Coastal Humboldt (PHOTOS)