The Jerry Springer Show [September 27, 2017… by Jerryshow.

Jerry … Jerry … Jerry!

Humboldt County couple Elisabeth Provost and Evan Carver had some relationship problems. So like any honest Americans, they decided to work things out on daytime television.

The Eureka locals flew all the way to the Big Apple last month to be featured in an episode of “The Jerry Springer Show.”

In the totally real, not-at-all scripted episode — Cough! — Carver says he met Provost on Tinder after spending a lonely year growing weed in the Humboldt hills. Carver says the relationship wasn’t working, so he decided to get rid of Provost by sleeping with her friend and coming clean about it on the show.

Eureka couple Evan Carver (middle left) and Elisabeth Provost (middle right) prepare for their closeup. 

“I’m here today because I cheated on her,” Carver told Springer to a delighted audience. “I’m hoping telling her that today will [make her want to leave.]”

Like any great “Springer” episode, the supposed wronged girlfriend and nefarious friend are brought out on stage and a classic daytime TV brawl ensues.

The episode, titled “Girl … Beat It,” aired for the first time last Wednesday, but your friends at LoCO have embedded the episode into this post for your viewing pleasure.

Provost and Carver’s segment begins at 7 minutes and 20 seconds into the first video clip above. Check out the rest of the episode in parts two and three embedded below.

And now, we leave you with Jerry’s final thoughts.

“There are always going to be bumps and tough times in a relationship, but if it’s to survive, the response can’t be to go outside the partnership to visit pain on your spouse,” Jerry told the audience in the show’s final segment. “It has to be settled within the relationship, with both sides equally committed to making it work.”

The Jerry Springer Show [September 27, 2017… by Jerryshow.
The Jerry Springer Show [September 27, 2017… by Jerryshow.