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This is Part II of exploring Open Door Community Health Centers suboxone programs, which are helping hundreds of locals with opioid use disorder regain their lives. You can see Part I here.

Open Door has suboxone programs at four clinics in Humboldt, but with its mobile health services bus, its also able to reach areas where there’s great need and the patients lack resources. Inside the bus looks and operates like a normal doctors office. It’s got two exam rooms, a lab, a pharmacy and is able to see up to 30 patients a day. The bus visits various locations on a consistent schedule; serving all ages, the homeless and migrant workers.

“Before they wouldn’t even get seen by a provider and now number one they get seen for the issue, whether opioid use disorder or addiction, but in addition they have a medical home now,” said associate medical director, Dr. Kelvin Vu. “So it’s a full spectrum of healthcare that’s being addressed.”

Patients not only get comprehensive care, but Open Door says when people have the opportunity to become familiar with a doctor they usually open up about any substance abuse. Iif they have problems with opioids, they can be referred to the suboxone program.

In this LoCO Video Report we learn more about how Open Door is trying to make the medication assisted treatment available for anyone who needs it, along with additional services to help patients succeed.

Plus we hear from two chronic pain patients that became tolerant to their prescribed pain medications, were miserable from the side effects, and ultimately left frustrated and still in pain. That was until they found the suboxone program.