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Opioids are powerful drugs that chemically rewire your brain. Whether it’s prescription pills or heroin, once hooked cravings are so strong and withdrawals so horrific people resort to the unbelievable just to get through the day. Plus if a person manages to quit, the chances for relapse are staggering.

So what can be done to help one overcome the drug that’s killing people in unprecedented numbers across the country? Well, studies have shown that the best way to treat opioid use disorder is — ironically enough — with opioids.

“I have never seen anything that can change a persons life in psychiatry as much as what we’re doing in this program with suboxone. So it’s really amazing,” said Dr. Jasen Christensen, a psychiatrist who prescribes suboxone at the clinic.

In this LoCO Video Report we learn more about how Open Door’s suboxone program is helping those with various opioid use disorders, and about the requirements for the program.

Then in Part II we’ll find out about Open Door’s mobile outreach with program and options for patients who lack insurance and other resources. Plus we’ll hear from two current patients who say they were saved by the suboxone program.