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Just a little more than a year ago, Pokémon made a big comeback in the form of Pokémon GO — a location based augmented reality game for your phone. It quickly became a global phenomenon. But now the game has become even more addicting, with the recent addition of raid battles and legendary raids. ​

The game’s developer, Niantic, hosts the raid events and players have to be invited to participate. One of these special events happened this afternoon at the Madaket Plaza in Eureka.​ ​

Dozens who call themselves “raiders” gathered at the event, where they had the unique opportunity to catch mewtwo - one of the most legendary, powerful and rare Pokémon.

“Some of us just got really lucky and got invited,” said avid Pokémon GO player,” Alexandra Micheals. “There’s friendly competition to catch it but we have to work together.”

In this LoCO Video Report we learn more about these new raid battles, and how some of the local Pokémon GO teams are up to 170 members and are taking pride in being community-oriented.