It’s not uncommon for young students to complain about their college experience.

You know: limited housing, student debt, bad cafeteria food, unwoke communities. The plight of the college student is well documented.

But it’s not every day that one of them goes to the trouble of building a multimedia smear campaign against his university. 

The current or former Humboldt State University student  — we assume the latter — who produced the two videos above goes by the YouTube username premiumprime1998. In these entertaining yet whiny videos, the student rants about his experience at HSU in hopes of encouraging other not to attend the university.

“I am talking from a student perspective about Humboldt State University,” he writes on his YouTube channel. “I feel like when I made my decision to go there, I made it blindly because there are no videos actually talking about why you should or shouldn’t go here. Hopefully I can help students with their decision about the school.”

The two videos, put out last month, touch on a variety of local issues, but mostly focus on housing and transportation. Give them a click and see if you can relate.

Or If you’d prefer listening to another more open-minded outsider’s opinion of Humboldt, check out this video below by YouTube user Travis Woo.