Humboldt County SHeriff’s Office press release:

The Humboldt County Animal Shelter is currently housing close to 50 animals. Many of those animals are in need of significant medical attention when they arrive at the Shelter. The Shelter partners with Friends for Life Rescue who manages the Shelters Emergency Medical Fund. This funding is used to pay for medical treatments in excess of the $250 limit that the County places on each animal. The Shelter currently has three dogs receiving heartworm treatment that are in foster homes. The cost of the combined treatment is approximately $1,600.

The Shelter currently has a female Poodle being treated for heartworm and a broken leg that will need to be amputated. The Shelter is also housing a Boxer mix with a broken leg that will need to be amputated. The overall cost of the heartworm and amputations will be approximately $4,000.  Between April and August of this year the Emergency Medical Fund has spent $15,000 on medical treatments for cats and dogs that have been impounded at the Shelter.  

Fortunately part of the reason the Shelter is successful is because of volunteer employees and public fundraising campaigns. The Shelter’s Emergency Medical Fund is currently in urgent need of donations in order to continue medical treatment for its many animals. And yes, it is a sad reality that some animals may be euthanized if funding is not replenished.

If you would like to make a donation please send your check or money order to:

Friends for Life
P/O box 962,
Eureka Ca. 95502   

Please specify that your donation is for the, “Shelter Emergency Medical Fund” or SEMF. An online donation can also be made at [Ed. note — it seems as though Friends for Life has lost its website at the moment. That link is broken.] And once again please specify that donation is for SEMF.  The Humboldt County Animal Shelter would like to thank the community for your generosity and continued support for the Shelter animals.