Your daily dose of pareidolia. Photo taken this morning in Rohnerville by Dennis Wayne Finley Jr.

Winter is coming. Well, autumn is, anyways.

This ominous rain cloud, which LoCO thinks looks suspiciously like a “Game of Thrones” ice dragon swooping over Humboldt County, was spotted in Rohnerville today.

Local photographer Dennis Wayne Finley Jr., who thinks the cloud looked more like an eagle, says he snapped this shot just before dawn at Rohnerville Airport.

The cloud above is part of a sweeping system of clouds expected to bring light rain to our area throughout tomorrow, with most of the rain falling overnight and in the early morning.

Meteorologists from Eureka’s National Weather Service office report that Northern Humboldt may see up to an inch of rain by tomorrow, with Southern Humboldt receiving slightly less wetness.

Temperatures in Humboldt’s interior are expected to drop significantly, with midday temperatures in the 60s and 70s and overnight lows between 30 and 40 degrees. Coastal temperatures should remain normal for this time of year.