Happy autumnal equinox, Humboldt.

That means the entire earth gets an equal amount of daytime and nighttime hours today. It also means shorter days and longer nights for us folks here in the Northern hemisphere.

And while the Earth’s seasons are on the precipice of change, Humboldt’s weather should remain darn near perfect for at least the next week.

Eureka’s National Weather Service office reports that a Northwest California will see a warming trend through next week, with little to no rain.

While inland ares saw chilly temperatures overnight that dipped into the mid 30s, today’s interior temperatures should be about 10 degrees warmer overall.

Eureka’s 7 day forecast. | NWS.

Humboldt’s coast can also expect beautiful sunny weather in the coming days, with highs reaching the 70s by this weekend.

Get out and enjoy the fleeting summer weather, Humboldt. And for you turkey lovers — although LoCO is partial to green bean casserole — Thanksgiving is only 61 days away.