Video by Peggy Sarver.

The rivers are a-flowin’ after areas of Humboldt received between three and eight inches of rain over the past 48 hours, and all that water seems to have swept up quite a few cars in the process.

Half a dozen cars were seen washed up in one area of the South Fork Eel River yesterday evening, halfway between Redway and Garberville.

Redway resident Peggy Sarver said she was on Bear Canyon Road when she took this footage of about six abandoned cars stuck in the rushing water.

Sarver said she originally though she saw someone in one of the cars, but took a closer look and found no one in distress.

“Actually I thought somebody was in one of the cars until I realized it was water reflecting off of something,” Sarver told the Outpost. “[The authorities] already knew about the cars, they were abandoned. I actually walked down a trail and yelled; there was nobody there.”