Counterfeit cash strangely labeled “FOR MOITON PICTURE PURPOSES” is being passed off as the real thing in Southern Humboldt, KMUD News reports.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Samantha Karges told the Outpost that a community member showed the bills to KMUD reporters, but that the HCSO has not received an official report yet.

“KMUD advised the community member to come to the Garberville substation to report it,” Karges said.

Vice reports that similar movie prop bills were being used in the small town of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania last year, although the phrasing on the bills was slightly different, reading: “MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY.”

Karges said more information can be released when the sheriff’s office receives an official report.

Photos provided by City of Aliquippa Bureau of Police, from a similar incident that took place in Pennsylvania last year.