Videos taken today in Trinidad by Jason Self of Kayak Trinidad.

Numerous government agencies warned people to stay away from the giant breakers thrashing Humboldt’s coastline today, but that didn’t stop a few surfers from shredding Trinidad Harbor this morning.

Videos sent to the LoCO by reader Jason Self show huge waves licking up off the coast of Trinidad today, before being channelled into the harbor where surfers were catching them dangerously close to jagged rocks.

The Humboldt Bay Harbor entrance and Centerville County Park have both been closed today as a result of the extreme surf. Eureka’s National Weather Service office also issued a high-surf warning, urging people to keep a safe distance from the ocean.

“Very large breaking waves are expected along area beaches,” the NWS wrote on Facebook. “Breakers may reach 30 or more feet! Please use caution if you have travel plans this week, and please make sure to keep a safe distance from the surf zone!”