Video: HCSO.

Who’s a good boy?

Since a surprising number of people are terrified of dogs, it’s useful for our law enforcement agencies to keep a K-9 or two in their arsenal. Sheriff’s K-9 Deputy “Gusto” — acquired after a successful crowdfunding campaign — is Humboldt County’s newest doggie peace officer, and he can mess up the bad guys in a couple of different ways. Not only will be bite the hell out of you if called upon to do so, he can use his otherworldly sniffer to sniff out your contraband.

Sit, Gusto!

Even high-ranking human officers can’t do that, and there’s no such thing as canine CalPERS!

“Gusto,” a German shepherd/Malinois cross, has been out a-patrolling for a few weeks now, and he’s already striking much fear into the hearts of suspected malefactors. Today the Sheriff’s Office held what they called a “media meet and greet” for this boy-o up in Arcata; the Outpost couldn’t make it, but the office was kind enough to send along the above video, in which “Gusto” demonstrates his smothering bite attack against an amateur actor dressed in a silly suit.