Long live Mr. Breakfast Daddy | Photos: Will Startare

We live in a special place. Breakfast proved to be the most important meal of the day inside the sold out Arcata Theatre Lounge Saturday during the fifth edition of the Mr. Humboldt Pageant.


The last bro standing was none other than Nathan Davis-Floyd, AKA Mr. Breakfast Daddy, who brought the house down during the talent portion of the competition by stripping down to his skivvies, pounding a pitcher of beer and having his body hot-waxed. (You think that doesn’t take skill? You try it.) 

Traditionally the winner of the annual charity event gets to decide which local cause benefits from the proceeds. After being crowned Davis-Floyd announced that he’d chosen True North Organizing Network as his beneficiary.  

For more on this year’s event listen to KMUD reporter Eric Black’s audio report below and ogle pictures of this year’s contestants farther down on this page. 

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A smoother Mr. Breakfast Daddy

Mr. Hans Buckethead

Mr. Chameleon

Mr. Shakespeare

Mr. Culprate

Mr. Fashion

Mr. Science

Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Edible

Co-host Johanna Nagan

Mr. Rabbit, winner of this year’s Mr. Congeniality Award

Mr. Shakespeare, winner of this year’s Cougar Award

Some affection between the final two contestants