Eureka city government does a lot of things, but one thing it doesn’t do is run its own podcast network.

Oh, wait — yes it does, actually!

Press release from Eureka’s Community Services Department:

Eureka Community Services and the Community Access Project for Eureka is excited to announce the launch of CAPE Media.

This new media division of CAPE will be producing community focused digital content.  CAPE Media’s goal is produce videos and podcasts that help inform, educate, entertain and inspire those who live in the Eureka community, and those who want to get to know more about our community.

Four new podcast shows are launching this month that include:

“This Month in Eureka Recreation”

Promo for “This Month in Eureka Recreation” 

“Eureka Entrepreneur”

Promo for “Eureka Entrepreneur”

“EPD Ride Along”

Promo for “EPD Ride Along”

“This Time I Mean It,” an inspirational and motivational podcast

Promo for “This Time I Mean It”

Please visit for a full description of each show, as well as where to download and find them. 

If podcasts are new to you, there is also a short and fun video tutorial on the home page on how to listen to a podcast.