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ALL OUT: Thailand Cave Rescue Complete; All 12 Boys and Their Coach Freed

Thai officials confirmed Tuesday morning that all 12 young members of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach have been successfully removed from the Tham Luang Cave more than two weeks after heavy rains trapped them there prompting high-profile, international rescue efforts. All members of the Thai military and medical personnel who entered the cave are also out.

The boys and their coach are being treated in a Chiang Rai hospital. They are expected to make full recoveries. Read more here.

Ultimately Thai Navy SEALs opted not to use any of the specially manufactured rescue equipment produced by SpaceX — including the submersible rescue pods quickly designed and constructed by Arcata-based Wing Inflatables — but the gear (and Elon Musk) was on hand in case they were needed. Instead each boy was fitted with a full-face diving mask and accompanied through the often-narrow passages by two divers. 





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