Ten earthquakes of varying sizes shook the ocean floor roughly 100 miles from Humboldt’s northern Coast this morning.

The USGS reports that a 5.6, the strongest of the quakes, struck 121 miles offshore from Brooking Oregon at 7:44 a.m. As well as nine additional quakes that peppered the area, ranging from a 5.2, down to a 2.8.

Renown local seismology expert Lori Dengler commented on the flurry of earthquakes on social media this morning, saying there is no likelihood that they will cause additional quakes closer to Humboldt shores.

“A M5.6 North Coast earthquake always gets me a little excited,” Dengler wrote on Facebook. “These appear to be related to extension associated with Gorda ridge spreading and are in no way related to the likelihood of larger quakes close to or on shore. Of course there is always a small but real chance that a strong quake could affect us at any time - so be prepared.”

All but one of the quakes were roughly 6 miles in depth and located in the same general area. However, the most recent quake was a 3.3 that struck about an about hour ago 26 miles offshore from Brooking Oregon with a depth of 2.4 miles.

See a list of all the quakes by clicking this link.