Eureka mayoral candidate Susan Seaman. Photos: Andrew Goff.

A crowd of eager Eurekans gathered at Clarke Plaza in Old Town today to watch Susan Seaman announce her candidacy for Mayor of Eureka. Seaman was joined on stage by her campaign team, family members and was introduced by former Trinidad Mayor Julie Fulkerson.

“I am here to endorse Susan Seaman for mayor,” Fulkerson said to the crowd. “What is good for Eureka is good for the region. Susan understands that.”

Seaman, who has been program director for the Arcata Economic Development Corporation for more than 10 years talked about Eureka’s need for an economic development strategy.

(AUDIO) Seaman Campaign Launch

“A healthy economy and workforce are the critical first step to any sustainable future,” Seaman said during her speech.

In addition to economic development, Seaman’s campaign is focused on engaging and retaining young professionals in the community and promoting democratic involvement.

“We need to talk to our youth about fields where they have the most opportunity,” Seaman said. “We need tradesman. We need medical professionals of all kinds.”

Seaman with her family and campaign manager behind her.

Seaman currently has one opponent: Eureka city councilmember and pastor Heidi Messner, who launched her campaign in May. Seaman’s campaign manager Jenna Catsos told the Outpost that Susan’s announcement came a little later because she wanted to wait until her family could all be here with her. Catsos said she was happy with the turnout today.

“Our goal was about 50 people. I think we surpassed that,” Catsos told the Outpost.“It’s sometimes hard to generate excitement for politics. It’s nice to see some excitement for Susan.”

Seaman acknowledged that Eureka has its share of problems and that there is a lot of work to be done. But she emphasized the importance of a love for Eureka and a positive outlook on this community.

“We need to make tough decisions and solve complex problems common to big cities but with small community resources,” Seaman ended her speech. “But we also get to witness community pride in a way that is often foreign to larger communities. That’s the spirit that motivates me to make this community even better. I hope you will join me.”

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