Sigh. News of a “C’mon!”-eliciting goatnapping comes to us from Arcata. It seems that someone saw the need to make off with the goat statue that, until now, stood guard on the roof above Richards’ Goat Tavern and Tea Room at the corner of Samoa and I streets. That’s baaad.

Find this goat

Bar owner Aimee Hennessy wrote of the crime in a Facebook post Tuesday stating she believes it occurred Sunday night after karaoke. The statue was bolted down meaning the thief would have needed power tools and probably a ladder to snag it. She says she uses goat as a reference point to direct people to the bar — “Look for the goat on the roof” — and that it would cost $500 to replace. 

“So if you see this at someone’s house, or you saw or heard anything suspicious around the building that night, please let me know,” Hennessy wrote. “I’ve been nothing but nice to people who come into the bar … and I didn’t deserve this or need to worry about what sort of a person would do this on top of everything else. Seriously, why?”

Seriously. Why? Please bring back Richards’ Goat’s goat.

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