An Arcata dog is being held in quarantine at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter for the time being, following a rampaging attack on two people Monday morning at the Town & Country Mobile Villa off Giuntoli Lane in Arcata.

The incident took place just before 11 a.m. on the 4900 block of Sierra Way, inside the park, and prompted a large response from police and paramedics. The dispatcher’s log of the call reads: “[Reporting party] screaming into the phone about a dog attack, and that someone needs medical, just kept screaming hurry.”

First responders at the scene referred to the incident as a “mauling,” and quickly called for another ambulance for an additional patient. One of the patients was believed to have “critical” injuries, and the other had “moderate” injuries, according to emergency radio traffic at the time.

Lt. Bart Silvers of the Arcata Police Department told the Outpost today that both of the victims were adults, and that at least one of them is the dog’s owner. He didn’t have any updated information about their condition, but he confirmed that his officers captured the dog and took it to the animal shelter.

The dog is still there as of today, and is in a quarantined area of the shelter while it is determined whether or not it is rabid, according to Andre Hale, the shelter’s manager.

Hale, reached this afternoon, says it hasn’t yet been determined what will happen with the animal. (She would only characterize it as a “mixed-breed” dog.) In such cases, she said, the owner has 10 days to request the return of the pet or surrender it to the custody of the police. If that doesn’t happen, the shelter would take custody. Either the shelter or the police agency would determine if the dog must be destroyed, which is usually the case when a dog severely injures a human.

Hale expects this to be the case, though the shelter doesn’t a timetable at present. “Generally speaking, if the dog attacks the owner, the owner doesn’t want the dog back,” she said.