Photo: Wikimedia.



Nearly six weeks after health inspectors shut down the Eureka Inn’s Bristol Rose Restaurant and other food service operations inside the historic hotel, owners of the facility were given the go-ahead to reopen today.

A reinspection conducted this morning by the county’s Environmental Health Division showed that most of the violations that led to the long shutdown have been corrected. An inspector was unable to locate any evidence of rodent feces, urine, hair or track marks, and noted that work had been done all around the establishment to prevent further rat infestations. 

Under the terms of the report — available at the link below — the Eureka Inn’s owners must maintain a regular contract with a professional pest control service, and must have this service come in every two weeks for six months, or until inspectors decide it is no longer necessary. They must also agree to “wash, rinse and sanitize utensils and work surfaces before use every day,” among other things.