Above Video: If you find a needle…

In case there was some confusion, the City of Eureka Community Services Department  and CAPE Media have produced a short video which provides step-by-step directions on what they would like you, fine Humboldt citizen, to do should you encounter an errant syringe during the course of your otherwise wonderful day.

Watch the clip above and/or absorb that same info in concise press release form below: 


The City of Eureka has teamed up with Humboldt Waste Management Authority to offer new locations where community members can pick up new and drop off full Sharps Container’s. Used syringes must be placed in a sharps container before taking them to any of the disposal locations. Sharps containers can be obtained free of charge at all locations. Full sharps containers can be dropped off free of charge at all locations.

The City of Eureka is offering multiple locations to provide easy access to sharp’s containers to help keep our streets clean and safe. Each location also comes with a step-by- step instruction on how to safely collect and dispose of used needs.
Pick up and drop off locations in Eureka include:

  • Adorni Center at 1011 Waterfront Drive.
  • Eureka City Hall 531 K Street.
  • Wharfinger Building at 1 Marina Way.
  • Eureka Police Department at 604 C Street.
  • Humboldt Bay Fire Station 1 at 533 C Street.
  • Humboldt Waste Management Authority at 1059 W Hawthorne
Locations outside of Eureka include:
  • Humboldt Sanitation at 2585 Central Avenue in McKinleyville.
  • Palco Pharmacy at 113 Main Street Suite D in Scotia.
  • Recology Eel River at 965 Riverwalk Drive in Fortuna.
  • Redway Transfer Transtation at Conservation Camp Road in Redway.

For more information and a full listen of addresses, please visit HWMA.net, or call 707-441-4184.