Huffman helms a Town Holler in Petaluma last year. Photo: Wikimedia.

It is time, once again, for “DC Update.” Rep. Jared Huffman — Humboldt’s Congressman — has returned to the airwaves of LoCO sister station KLGE-FM (“The Lounge”) to talk with DJ Larry Trask.

Much Congressional chicanery this week! Huffman and Trask talk about:

  • The demise of the most recent Farm Bill, and how that’s tied to intra-Republican squabbling and Speaker Paul Ryan’s weakening grip on the caucus.
  • Two new parliamentary maneuvers attempting to force House votes on DACA and net neutrality.
  • An odd bipartisan coalition forming around prison reform (and against prison reform) which should be coming up for a vote this week.
  • What’s happening, from his point of view, with the process around the future of the Eel River dams and the Potter Valley project.

Also: Huffman thinks Houston Rockets sux. 

Listen below:

“D.C. Update,” w/ Rep. Jared Huffman. May 21, 2018.