November 2023

(VIDEO) Protesters Gather Outside Huffman’s Office, Demand a Ceasefire in Gaza and Free Palestine

Facing Subpoena Threat, Arkley Belatedly Cooperates With Senate Judiciary Committee’s Supreme Court Ethics Investigation

October 2023

Key Senators Announce Intention to Subpoena Rob Arkley in Supreme Court Ethics Probe

September 2023

Senator Dianne Feinstein Has Died

June 2023

Justice Samuel Alito Took Luxury Fishing Vacation With GOP Billionaire Who Later Had Cases Before the Court — With Help From Eureka’s Rob Arkley

May 2023

Huffman’s a No on the Debt Ceiling Deal, Citing Damage to Environmental Protection and Reduced Assistance for Struggling Americans

March 2023

Huffman Announces $10 Million in Federal Funds for SoHum Fire Prevention Efforts

February 2023

(UPDATED) Watch the SHORTER STATE OF THE UNION, With Rep. Jared Huffman

January 2023

THANKS, WINTER STORMS! Due to the Devastation Wrought Upon Humboldt County During the Recent Rains, You Now Have Until May 15 to File Your Taxes

Huffman, Feinstein Introduce Bill to Permanently Ban Offshore Drilling

November 2022

(UPDATING) Klamath Dam Removal Clears Final Federal Hurdle; Historic Decomissioning of Four Hydropower Dams to Begin Next Year

September 2022

New Huffman Bill Would Allow Small Cannabis Farms to Ship Products Directly to Consumers (Once Federal Prohibition is Repealed)

August 2022

Huffman Announces $26 Million for Klamath Restoration, Hatchery Projects

October 2021

HERE LIES SUGAR BEAR: Maybe After Work You Could Swing by Eureka’s Waterfront and Pay Your Respects to the National Christmas Tree Before It Departs On Its Cross-Country Trek

Federally Mandated Sacrifice of ‘Sugar Bear,’ a Majestic Tree, Moved Up to Saturday Due to Bad Weather, and It Could Be Argued That it is Your Duty to Watch the Facebook Livestream

A WEDDING to REDDING? There Are Ideas to Join Us With Shasta County at the State and Federal Level, and the State Citizens’ Redistricting Commission Would Like Your Feedback

Huffman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Hold Joint Town Hall Meeting on Infrastructure Next Week

September 2021

NO SPACE FORCE FOR US? New Huffman Bill Would Send Newest, Highest-Flying Military Branch Crashing Back to Earth

March 2021

(AUDIO) OFF THE CUFF: Congressman Huffman Discusses Bipartisanship with Former Congress Members Charlie Dent (R) and Donna Edwards (D)

February 2021

Rep. Huffman Blasts Corporate Owners of KIEM and KVIQ Over Recent Services Outages, Introduces Legislation to Prevent Such Things Happening in the Future

VACCINATION TOWN HALL: Rep. Jared Huffman, Dr. Ian Hoffman, Assm. Jim Wood and Others Answer Your Vaccination Questions

January 2021

Day 1: New Sen. Alex Padilla Wants Trump’s ‘Enablers’ Out of U.S. Senate

December 2020

Rep. Jared Huffman Has Been Vaccinated Against COVID-19

August 2020

Rep. Huffman Meets With Local Postal Workers Outside Eureka’s West Clark Street Station

‘Monuments of Colonialism’: With Klamath Dam Removal at an Impasse, Huffman Calls Congressional Forum

Hoopa Valley Tribe Sues Feds in Effort to Block Permanent Water Contracts With Central Valley Farmers

April 2020

(VIDEO) Sen. Bernie Sanders to Suspend Bid For Democratic Presidential Nomination

Humboldt County’s Census Efforts Undermined by Pandemic; With Stakes High, Locals Urged to Proactively Get Themselves Counted

February 2020

Rep. Huffman’s Big Wilderness Bill Passes the House as Part of Big New Regional Wildlands Package

January 2020

Yurok Vice-Chair to Testify Before Congressional Committee Tomorrow

December 2019

Rep. Huffman on Impeachment: ‘I Stand With Our Constitution, the Rule of Law and our Democracy’

September 2019

Federal Judge Blocks McGuire-Sponsored Law That Would Have Forced Trump to Release Tax Statements for California Ballot Access

(LIVE VIDEO) Yurok Tribal Chair Joseph James, Rep. Jared Huffman Testifying In Support of Yurok Lands Act

July 2019

Rep. Jared Huffman Releases Bilingual Video Urging Immigrants to ‘Know and Protect’ Their Rights Ahead of Threatened ICE Raids

April 2019

Federal Relief for Fisheries Disasters Dating From 2015 Finally Available, Huffman’s Office Announces

(UPDATE) Rep. Huffman, Sen. Harris Reintroduce Great Big North Coast Wilderness Bill; Includes Plans for Restoration, Fire Prevention

March 2019

McKinleyville’s Dennis Mayo Made Quite a Splash at CPAC!

February 2019

Rep. Jared Huffman Announces Town Hall in Eureka Next Week, Vows to Fight Trump’s Emergency Declaration

LAST CHANCE GRADE: North Coast State, Federal Reps Back Caltrans Plan to Ask for $40 Million to Put Toward Fixing Imperiled Stretch of Highway 101

January 2019

Rep. Huffman Set to Bird-Dog Trump Administration’s Environmental Shenanigans, if Those Exist, as Chair of Prestigious New Natural Resources Subcommittee

Rep. Huffman Reintroduces Legislation to Ban Offshore Oil Drilling Along the West Coast and the Arctic

(INTERVIEW) Food For People Says Government Shutdown Not Hurting Essential Food Services Yet, But Several Programs Are At Risk

November 2018

HUFFMAN: I’m Voting For Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, and Here’s Why

October 2018

It’s TRUMP DAY for Humboldt County Supervisors Ryan Sundberg and Virginia Bass!

September 2018

Huffman Attaches Two Humboldt-Helping Amendments to Federal Aviation Bill

August 2018

Rep. Jared Huffman Calls Trump ‘President Shit-for-Brains,’ Respectfully Requests More Federal Firefighting Help

June 2018

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on Incivility, the Budget Resolution and This One Weird Coal Earmark That He Has to Keep Killing Again and Again

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on Family Separation at the Border, Medicare for All, Trump’s Stupid SPACE FORCE and More

DC UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on the North Korea Summit, California Elections and Mitt Romney

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on Democrats Maybe Forcing Paul Ryan’s Hand on DACA, the Jungle Primary, Puerto Rico and More

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