July 2019

Rep. Jared Huffman Releases Bilingual Video Urging Immigrants to ‘Know and Protect’ Their Rights Ahead of Threatened ICE Raids

April 2019

Federal Relief for Fisheries Disasters Dating From 2015 Finally Available, Huffman’s Office Announces

(UPDATE) Rep. Huffman, Sen. Harris Reintroduce Great Big North Coast Wilderness Bill; Includes Plans for Restoration, Fire Prevention

March 2019

McKinleyville’s Dennis Mayo Made Quite a Splash at CPAC!

February 2019

Rep. Jared Huffman Announces Town Hall in Eureka Next Week, Vows to Fight Trump’s Emergency Declaration

LAST CHANCE GRADE: North Coast State, Federal Reps Back Caltrans Plan to Ask for $40 Million to Put Toward Fixing Imperiled Stretch of Highway 101

January 2019

Rep. Huffman Set to Bird-Dog Trump Administration’s Environmental Shenanigans, if Those Exist, as Chair of Prestigious New Natural Resources Subcommittee

Rep. Huffman Reintroduces Legislation to Ban Offshore Oil Drilling Along the West Coast and the Arctic

(INTERVIEW) Food For People Says Government Shutdown Not Hurting Essential Food Services Yet, But Several Programs Are At Risk

November 2018

HUFFMAN: I’m Voting For Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, and Here’s Why

October 2018

It’s TRUMP DAY for Humboldt County Supervisors Ryan Sundberg and Virginia Bass!

September 2018

Huffman Attaches Two Humboldt-Helping Amendments to Federal Aviation Bill

August 2018

Rep. Jared Huffman Calls Trump ‘President Shit-for-Brains,’ Respectfully Requests More Federal Firefighting Help

June 2018

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on Incivility, the Budget Resolution and This One Weird Coal Earmark That He Has to Keep Killing Again and Again

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on Family Separation at the Border, Medicare for All, Trump’s Stupid SPACE FORCE and More

DC UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on the North Korea Summit, California Elections and Mitt Romney

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on Democrats Maybe Forcing Paul Ryan’s Hand on DACA, the Jungle Primary, Puerto Rico and More

May 2018

DC UPDATE: Rep. Huffman Talks DACA, the Farm Bill, Net Neutrality and Eel River Dams; Predicts Warriors in Five

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman on Iran Nuclear Deal, ‘Disgraceful’ Devin Nunes, Marijuana Decriminalization and the Bright Young Minds at Jacoby Creek School

April 2018

(UPDATE) U.S. Supreme Court Roundfiles North Coast Railroad Authority’s Appeal; McGuire Bill to Dismantle Agency Progresses Through Legislature

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman Says That Trump Appears ‘Very Close’ to Firing Robert Mueller, Predicts Constitutional Crisis

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Huffman Envisions the Future of the Eel River, Defends His Endorsement of Ryan Sundberg, Trash-Talks the LoCO Commentariat

March 2018

DC UPDATE, w/ REP. JARED HUFFMAN: Inside the Crazy World of Omnibus Budget Bills, and the Possibility of Another Government Shutdown

DC UPDATE: Talking Impeachment, Corruption, Trade Wars and More With Rep. Jared Huffman

February 2018

IMPEACH: Rep. Jared Huffman Co-sponsors Articles of Impeachment Aimed at President Donald Trump

D.C UPDATE: Huffman Slams Trump Infrastructure Plan, Lays Out His Thoughts on Immigration Reform

D.C. UPDATE: Rep. Jared Huffman Talks Nunes Memo, the Possibility of Another Government Shutdown, and Whether or Not the Dems Are Gonna Get Creamed This November

January 2018

DC UPDATE, w/ REP. JARED HUFFMAN: In New Radio Series, the Congressman is Grilled on Solar Tariffs, Banking for the Cannabis Industry and The Shutdown

Huffman Slams Republicans Over Government ‘Sh*tdown’

December 2017

Huffman, McGuire Blast Republican ‘Tax Scam’ Bill, Which Congress Passed Today

Congressman Jared Huffman is Having Lots of Twitter Fun Today

September 2017

Huffman Reintroduces Bill That Would Expand Yurok Tribe Reservation, Acquires Republican Co-sponsor

McGuire Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates to Disclose Tax Returns Heads to Governor’s Desk

August 2017

Yurok Tribe Honors Rep. Jared Huffman’s Klamath River Advocacy With First-of-its-Kind ‘Partnership’ Award

May 2017

BIPARTISAN GOOD FEELS! Hear Rep. Jared Huffman, Podcaster, Do the Kumbaya With Republican Congressman Mark Sanford of South Carolina!

March 2017

RAPID RESPONSE: Rep. Jared Huffman Does a Little Dance on TrumpCare’s Grave

February 2017

(AUDIO/VIDEO) LIVE From Rep. Jared Huffman’s Town Hall Meeting in Arcata

January 2017

Humboldters Gather on Courthouse Steps to ‘Stand Against Hate’ as President Donald Trump Takes Oath of Office

December 2016

Your Congressman Has a New Podcast! Here’s the Details on ‘Off the Cuff,’ With the Huff!

September 2016

Need to Get Your Passport? The Fortuna and Arcata Post Offices Are Going to Make it as Painless as Possible This Thursday Only

August 2016

Rep. Huffman Declares Victory as Federal Agency Limits Confederate Flag Display at National Cemeteries

July 2016

Rep. Huffman Slams Paul Ryan, House Republicans for Killing His Confederate Flag-Banning Bill

June 2016

Rep. Jared Huffman Among Democrats Staging Gun Control Sit-In on House Floor

February 2016

Bohn, Swearengin Get Behind DUF SUNDHEIM For Senate — the Kamala-Slayer!

June 2015

Shelter Cove Will Host the Secretary of the Interior Saturday

January 2015

Rep. Huffman to Hold Town Hall Meeting on Veterans’ Issues in Eureka Tomorrow

December 2014

White House Names Blue Lake Rancheria One of the Nation’s 16 ‘Climate Action Champions’

September 2014

WELCOME, TRINITY COUNTY! Now the Entire Emerald Triangle is a Federally Designated High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

August 2014

Huffman Town Holler Tomorrow On Insidious Federal Plan to Send Our Mail to Oregon

July 2014

Fish Kill 2014? No Preventative Trinity River Water Releases This Year, Announces Bureau of Reclamation

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