If you caught Morning Edition earlier today, you may heard their on-the-ground interview with Dr. Jim Wood, a forensic dentist who is working with teams at the Camp Fire to identify the remains of people who were killed in the disaster. Wood — who did similar at the sites of the Sept. 11 attacks and during Hurricane Katrina — spoke eloquently of the particular challenges he faces in Paradise, given that so many of the deceased’s dental records were also destroyed in the fire.

Yes — that’s our Jim Wood, elected representative of California’s Second Assembly District. The reporter didn’t mention that his interviewee was a California legislator, either because he thought it beside the point or he simply didn’t know. But it’s the same man.

Listen to the NPR report at this link. The Wall Street Journal also published a story datelined from the ashes of Paradise today; Wood is interviewed and identified as an assemblymember.

At least 63 people have been confirmed dead in the Camp Fire, and over 600 people remain unaccounted for.