Red flag warning issued for Northern California yesterday. | NWS

PG&E cut power to thousands of customers in Lake, Napa and Sonoma counties last night as a precautionary measure to prevent wildfires in areas with severe fire weather.

The planned outages were part of PG&E’s new Community Wildfire Safety Program, which was implemented earlier this year to help prevent wildfires in areas where lines could be damaged during Red Flag conditions.

PG&E spokesperson Deanna Contreras told the Outpost it was the first time PG&E had ever preemptively cut power to areas experiencing Red Flag warnings.

While these outages did not affect Humboldt County, local PG&E customers could experience similar shutoffs if conditions call for it.

PG&E has not specifically listed which Humboldt County neighborhoods would be affected by such an outage, but maps provided on the company’s website show that areas near Hoopa and Blocksburg have been labeled as “High Fire” zones.

Customers interested in checking if their homes are vulnerable to Red Flag outages can type their address into the PG&E’s official map by clicking here.

Map of areas that could see planned outages during red flag warnings.

A closer look at the areas of Humboldt County that could experience these types of outages.