Two years to the day after an errant driver smashed a hole through the Humboldt State University gateway sign at intersection of Sunset Avenue and LK Wood Boulevard, the same sign has gotten another pre-Halloween makeover.

This morning, the two endposts of the sign bear a stencil of a child behind a chain-link fence with the word “illegal” underneath — a message in protest of the Trump Administration’s child-separation policies at the border, or of its treatment of undocumented immigrants generally, or of the use of the word “illegal” as a noun.

Officer John Packer of the University Police Department told the Outpost this morning that they’re investigating the incident. He said that the department would conduct a “style and message comparison” on the graffiti, and would see if the Arcata Police Department has discovered similar examples. He said that the UPD only knows of the one location on campus, so far.

Photos: Andrew Goff