LoCO is learning a lot today. For example, it seems that it is impossible for a human to watch a show after it airs on Fusion, which, we are told, is a “television channel” or something. As such, no one here was able to view the first episode of Murder Mountain, the new, exciting program we told you about last week that’s all about our very scary Humboldt home. Well, nuts. (Seriously, someone link us. Jeez.) 

But never you fear, there are many, many shows out there. We received word through the usual odd channels that Humboldt was featured on another obscure network over the weekend. We learned that Mike Huckabee has a show called Huckabee on TBN — that’s the Trinity Broadcasting Network, young people. God’s channel — and that he regularly rolls out a fancy promotional segment called “Our Kind of Town,” presumably featuring sections of America where real Americans might like to visit. 

Step right up, Ferndale! Here’s what the perennial Presidential candidate thinks is great about you: 

“I’ve decided Ferndale might be one of the towns in California where I wouldn’t be asked to leave before daylight,” Huckabee quips while ending the segment. I read this as a confession from the former Arkansas Governor that he is a vampire. Maybe that is wrong.

Anyway, congrats on the Huck-a-bump, Ferndale! Here they come!