It’s pretty simple math. As part of Eureka’s first Beer Mile — a fundraiser for the Humboldt Bay Marathon, the Community Access Project for Eureka and Humboldt Made held on a stretch of road adjacent Halvorsen Park — local athletes of varying degrees of ability were tasked with chugging a (locally produced!) beer every quarter mile.

Race organizer Rich Baker shouted out instructions to the first crop of racers. “If you need to vomit, please, please aim for the grass,” he said.

Yeah, what did you think was going to happen? Beer + physical exertion = puke, sometimes. 

Such was the scene at the Beer Mile. Sure, not everyone threw up — most made it through the course just looking a bit queasy — but as the day wore on spectators tended to celebrate the spew displays with cheers of approval. The puking was the sideshow that, if we’re being honest, ended up as the main event much like fights in hockey. To sum, people had a lot of fun. 

Your Lost Coast Outpost was on scene to take in the nauseating merriment and snapped too many photos (FAIR WARNING: If you scroll down, you know what you’re going to see. So don’t act surprised. Geez.) We’ll file even more photos from the event to LoCO’s Facebook page, shortly.