Photos: EPD

Eureka Police Department press release: 

On Thursday, August 15, 2019, the Eureka Police Department’s Community Safety Enhancement Team (CSET), working in partnership with the Problem-Oriented Policing Unit (POP), California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and City of Eureka Code Enforcement, along with workers from Uplift Eureka, Eureka Rescue Mission, and Betty Kwan Chinn’s Day Center, conducted a clean-up operation to remove ten vacated illegal encampments located within a greenbelt area west of Broadway, Eureka.

The encampments were noticed for removal well in advance of the operation.

This collaborative effort, which included 17 Uplift Eureka program volunteers, removed 1.77 tons of garbage from this sensitive wetlands area.

One of the abandoned encampments was connected to significant environmental damage including the digging of an approximately 30’ x 15’ x 10’ deep pond. In addition to the clean-up efforts, several non-profit social service providers were also on scene to conduct outreach to any homeless persons present.