Which of these says “Eureka” to you? Figuratively, I mean.




Press release from Eddy Alexander:

Eddy Alexander, the marketing consultancy hired by the City of Eureka to build a new brand and tourism marketing strategy for the city is inviting all Eureka residents and business owners into the process.

On Friday, August 23, 2019, Eddy Alexander mailed a postcard to every home and business in the City inviting each resident and business owner to share their opinions about what makes the city unique. The survey, which can be taken online at eddyalexander.com/eureka or in person at either City Hall or the Eureka Library, includes demographic, cognitive, behavioral, experiential, and language choice questions which will help the firm better understand community priorities, preferences, personality, and affinity.

“In any tourism initiative, the local community is the host. Its critically important that we understand what local residents and business owners want from their promotions program, what they value about their community, and how they want to be perceived by the outside world, Eddy Alexander Tourism Practice Lead Bob Gilbert said. “Our first priority is always listening to the community. The survey takes most people just 15-30 minutes to complete but will allow us to produce a summary report that will guide our work and set the priorities for each decision to follow. We really hope everyone in the community take a few minutes to thoughtfully participate.”

The survey is now live.

Residents of Eureka and owners of businesses operating inside the City may take the survey:

  • online from any mobile device with an internet connection (smartphone, tablet, or computer) at www.eddyalexander.com/eureka

  • or may pick up a printed survey and complete it by hand at either:

    • The Eureka City Library - 1313 3rd Street, Eureka, CA 95501

    • Eureka City Hall: 531 K St Eureka, CA 95501

The survey will be available until midnight September 15, 2019. However, all interested community members are strongly encouraged to complete the questionnaire as soon as possible.

The aggregate results from this initiative will be made public at a community meeting/validation session to be scheduled later this fall.

For any citizens interested in following this brand development project’s progress, the last question in the survey also allows interested parties to opt-in to Eddy Alexander’s new project newsletter.

“This is a really exciting time for our city. There is enthusiasm, excitement, and lots of care and attention being focused on how to celebrate, showcase, and build upon all that our community has to offer. I really hope that every citizen and local business owner will take full advantage of the opportunity to weigh-in and share their opinions about how to shape and structure the new community brand,” Mayor Susan Seaman said. “Eureka is a diverse and dynamic city. We want to ensure that all voices, ideas, and opinions are captured and fully accounted for during this important process.”