Submitted photo — From left to right, Orion Cosce, Louis Cosce, Brian Wilson and Fletcher McCovey of the Lost Boys Gym.

Louis Cosce will take a short break to weigh up his options after another dominating win over the weekend.

The local pro MMA fighter took just 18 seconds to get the better of Art Hernandez in a 165-pound fight at the Combate Americas fight night in Stockton on Friday.

Hernandez came out with a flurry of punches to try and end the fight quickly, but it was Cosce who countered with power and was able to drop his opponent with a big punch, before finishing the fight in seconds.

It was his sixth win in six professional fights, and all six wins have come in the first round, including four in the past seven months.

This win, however, is likely to give the former Hoopa High wrestler some valuable exposure.

The fight night was televised live on AXS TV and broadcast internationally on Univision, and Cosce and his trainer Brian Wilson are confident his dominating performance will help get him noticed.

“It’s huge,” Wilson said. “This was a big televised event. It’s huge exposure.

“This is exciting to see what happens from here.”

Submitted photo – Louis and Orion Cosce

After a busy 2019, Cosce, who fights out of the Lost Boys Gym in Arcata, says he will now take a short break to consider his next move.

“I’m going to chill out for a second and enjoy the holidays,” he said. “I’ve no idea what’s next, hopefully something big.

“I got to show them what I’m capable of, and now I’m going to sit back and see what options open up.”
Cosce certainly has an impressive resume.

Friday’s win wasn’t even the quickest of his career, having also won a fight in May in just eight seconds.

In Friday’s fight, Hernandez came out swinging for the fences, but Cosce dropped him with a big punch, before decisively ending the contest.

“We didn’t know what that guy was going to come out to do, and he absolutely brought the fight to us,” Wilson said.

Cosce admits he was not expecting that.

“I was surprised he came out running and flying at me like that,” he said. “I’m glad he did, or it probably wouldn’t have ended the way it did.

“I was super happy I won the way I did.”

Cosce says he also enjoyed competing for  Combate Americas, an up-and-coming international MMA association that is fast building a reputation in South and Central America.

“It was awesome. Those guys treated us really, really well, they were super professional with everything,” Cosce said. “It was super awesome walking out there with the cameras in your face.”

Apparently they were just as impressed with Cosce as he was with them.

Ray Hamill/ – Louis Cosce

“They told Brian they definitely will give us a call again,” Cosce said.

The former Hoopa Warrior also paid tribute to his corner, including Wilson and older brother Orion Cosce, who is also undefeated as a pro MMA fighter.

Orion is 5-0 and is scheduled to fight again at the next Bear River fight night in late January.

Louis says having his brother in his corner has been invaluable.

“He has a lot of knowledge,” Louis said.

Louis also praised the help of Brian Blackburn his head striking coach, who was also in his corner for Friday’s big fight.


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