Watch Bell’s fight and last night’s entire card in the video above.

Local MMA pro Cass Bell remains undefeated after going the distance for the first time in his professional career at Bellator’s Salute the Troops in Honolulu last night.

Bell’s fight versus Frenchman Pierre Daguzan started off with a bit of controversy after the first-round bell rang prematurely by two minutes, allowing Bell to decisively win the round.

Bell slapped Daguzan with a number of powerful head and body kicks throughout the match. He threw them with such frequency, that Daguzan was able to anticipate one of Bell’s attacks and take him to the ground in round two.

However, Bell quickly escaped the ground attack and nearly knocked Daguzan out with an incredible spinning back-fist while regaining his footing.

Bell’s surprise spinning back-fist.

Bell landed another spinning back-fist in round three, sealing the victory and his perfect 5-0 record.

“‘Hawaii Five-0’ baby,” Bell joked while talking to the camera after the decision.

If Bell continues to win, Bellator will have no choice but to give him a fight on a main card in the near future.