Here’s a number you can call. From the Pacific Towing Facebook page.


If you’re planning to go rage in the New Year tonight, first do this: Figure out, beforehand, how you’re going to get home in a way that doesn’t involve you or someone else behind the wheel of an automobile after you/they have been drinking. Maybe you can walk. Maybe you have a sober friend. Maybe you can take a taxi.

Figure that out first.

But sometimes life happens and things don’t come together as you thought they would. That happens. Just remember this: For the next two nights of revelry, your backup plan is NOT getting into the car and driving home drunk. It’s calling one of our local towing companies, who will get you and your car home for free.

As is tradition, the fine folks at Pacific Towing and Humboldt Towing are once again running their free get-you-home-safe programs for the New Year. If you find yourself to drunk to drive at any place between McKinleyville and Fortuna, then here’s how to contact them: 

  • Pacific Towing: (707) 443-8482
    Tonight through early Thursday morning.

  • Humboldt Towing: (707) 442-4537
    Tonight through tomorrow morning.

Here are the only restrictions: You must live in roughly that same area — McKinleyville to Fortuna — and you must be going home, not to another party. Your car can’t be broken down. If you meet those criteria and you are drunk, these people will get you home safe and at no charge.

Josh Cummings, a manager at the company, tells the Outpost that this’ll be the first year that Pacific Towing is doing this all on its own. In the past, Cummings, says, AAA has helped defray some of the expenses, but for whatever reason they’re not doing that around here this year. So they’re footing the bill alone. 

Last year, Cummings said, they handed out around eight Tipsy Tows during the New Year’s season. This year, Cummings figures, they might exceed that, just because the weather looks to be nice. 

Try not to put yourself in a position where you need to take advantage of this service, but if you find yourself needing it then you should by all means do so. Our local towing companies aren’t going to shame you. They want you home safe.

Those numbers, again:

  • Pacific Towing: (707) 443-8482.
  • Humboldt Towing: (707) 442-4537