Image provided by the Humboldt County government.

Humboldt County Road Conditions Update:

Over night snows have our roads crews out clearing trees, plowing snow and assessing downed lines throughout Humboldt County.

PG&E has several crews working in the Willow Creek area trying to restore power. Please drive carefully. Here is the current list of road closures and restrictions:

Chezum Road - open, carry chains

Brannon Mountain Road - closed at PM 4.25 due to downed power lines and trees

Titlow Hill (Horse Mountain Road) - closed due to heavy snow

Old Three Creeks - closed due to heavy snow

Willow Creek Area - open, carry chains

Hoopa Area - Open, carry chains

Orleans Area - open

Bald Hills Road - open from PM 1 to PM 10 (Orick to PM 10), chains required from PM 10 over to Hoopa, currently one lane but crews are working to widen to 2 lanes.

Bair Road, between Redwood Valley and Hoopa - closed

All roads in the Garberville area - open but carry chains

Mattole Road, Ferndale to Honeydew (Wildcat) - carry chains

Mattole Road, Bull Creek - carry chains

Wilderidge Road - carry chains

Bear River Ridge - carry chains

Mill Street, Rio Dell - closed due to downed tree

Kneeland Road - closed from Freshwater Park to Greenwood Heights

Greenwood Heights Road - open

Butler Valley Road - closed at PM 4.0

South Quarry Road - closed due to downed power line, PG&E en route

Fickle Hill Road - carry chains

Showers Pass - carry chains

Mountain View Road - carry chains

Snow Camp Road - closed til tomorrow late afternoon

Johnson Road - closed due to heavy snow

Bald Mountain Road - currently closed, should be open late this afternoon